The Ultimate Money Makeover is an online program designed by stress specialist and mindset expert, Pam Wright, to assist individuals to improve their money situation, get out of debt, increase their wealth, and permanently alter their relationship with money. Designed as a practical, interactive online program to help you regardless of the financial situation you find yourself in. 


The Ultimate Money Makeover offers different levels to help you radically transform your money situation, whatever your current circumstances. You'll discover how to dive deeper to change your financial mindset and undo previous programming around money in order to access a new level of freedom and responsibility. You will learn how to achieve your money goals faster, smarter & easier. 

Are You Ready For Your Money Shift?

Sick of Trying So Hard? 
Financial Freedom & Abundance IS Possible!
  • Are you working hard, doing all the money visualisations, practicing gratitude, and still no money?
  • Do you have so little to show for your efforts? 
  • Are you looking for permission to be rich? 
  • ​Have you tried just about everything to improve your money situation?
  • ​​Were you told a negative story about money by your parents and loved ones?
  • Do you feel stressed, panicked, fearful or worried about your financial situation?
  • ​Are your money problems causing conflict in your relationships? 
  • ​Do you distrust money or see it as bad/evil? 
I have worked with thousands of individuals from all walks of life, both in person and online, to help them overcome their obstacles and become their best selves. One common complaint I hear is that no matter what they have tried to do to change their money situation, they keep finding themselves behaving the same way, as their experience of struggle continues.

Let me tell you a little secret...

Your money situation is NOT because you aren't smart enough, or that you aren't working hard enough, that you don't deserve more money, or that you don't know how to earn more.

Your money situation is a direct result of 
how you think about money, 
how you feel about it and 
how you treat it.

Basically, it is a symptom of your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and your previous money programming. 

You have probably heard the saying "never pour fresh milk into a bottle of sour milk?" Well, the intention of this program is to get rid of the sour milk in your mind to do with money, and replace it with fresh milk or a 'new way of being around money'.

This program is about undoing all of the programming, conditioning, old behaviours, patterns and beliefs that you've ever had about money. In other words, anything that has ever contributed to your current uncomfortable money circumstances. 

In order to have a new clean slate from which to create and attract money into your life.

Don't worry, I'll run you through all the basics and get you on your way!

NOT another money course about manifestation, abundance and Law of Attraction. This program is about SMASHING your negative beliefs, TRANSFORMING your attitudes around your finances, and radically ALTERING the way you treat money. 

Who is the Ultimate Money Makeover For?

For people serious about gaining financial freedom and transforming their entire relationship with money!

This program is designed for anyone looking to dive deeper to unravel previous money conditioning and who wants to radically change their money situation and become financially free!

The Ultimate Money Makeover program is about deleting money limitations from your mind. It is designed for people who have an unhealthy attitude, mindset or negative beliefs about money. It is for people who can't seem to get their finances in order, no matter how hard they try. For anyone who has bad money habits or behaviours, or a lifetime of negative programming around money. Lastly, it's for anyone who feels they are limited by how much money they can make.

If you're looking to change your relationship with money, get yourself out of a sticky situation, make more money, learn how to be more responsible with your money, and set up good structures and systems to make your money work better for you, then this program is a perfect fit.

Meet Your Money Relationship Expert

Pam Wright has been assisting individuals become their best selves for over 20 years' now, but it was her own experience of financial hardship which ignited a passion to assist others to become financially free

In case you don't know me, or don't know me well, my name is Pam Wright and I am a global stress specialist and happiness facilitator. 

I am deeply passionate about helping people to radically change their current money situation. I have extensive personal experience with bad money habits, poverty, lack, money distress, financial hardship, and difficulty making ends meet, so I know how frustrating, painful and limiting it can be. I reached the point of being so sick of my money situation, that I decided to try something new, and I threw myself into researching and uncovering the secrets to financial freedom. 

Now, having successfully discovered the keys to eliminating money stress and releasing personal blocks, I've built a strong relationship with money. I have unwavering faith about my money situation, and money simply flows into my life, often in surprising and unexpected ways. There is no effort, resistance, anger, frustration. I have a new level of accountability which feels peaceful and calm. 

I want nothing more than to help you with your money issues. I am testament to the fact this works and that you do have the ability to change and affect your money situation in a positive way.
I've been working with clients in private setting and delivering face to face and online trainings for over 20 years' now and have assisted countless people to shed their limitations and blocks. This program is based on a culmination of research, client interaction, personal experience, and hard work. I'm delivering this in a series of packages to make it more affordable and accessible to people who desire permanent change. 

Are You Ready to Stress Less About Money?

Discover how to dive deeper, accelerate your results, change your behaviours & eliminate money programming

• Develop Money Intelligence: Discover the emotional intelligence skills which influence your ability to make, save and spend money!
• Improve Your Financial Situation: Undergo a deep analysis of your current financial situation and develop a plan for change
• Learn Amazing Systems and Processes: To help you organise your money, save, and account for your finances. This is more than just budgeting 101!
• Enjoy Your Money: Understand the importance of spending and enjoying your money, without the guilt and fear.
• Make Your Money Grow: Learn how to make your money work for you in the long-term in order to enjoy ongoing financial freedom.
Financial Freedom: Become unstuck from your current money situation and experience the peace of being in control and confident with your money.
Eliminate Stress and Resistance: Release the effects of fear, anxiety, worry, anger, resentment, and frustration which are contributing to your current money situation.
Change Your Money Story: Alter the way you treat money, think about money, and feel towards money, despite what those around you believe to be true.
Manage & Organise Your Money: To help you take control of your finances and implement long term measures
Release Past Programming: Erase the impact of previous conditioning and trauma, which have impacted on your view of money
Create Healthy Money Habits: That promote accountability, responsibility, organisation and which enable you to enjoy your money in a way you have never done before.

What Makes This Program So Unique?

Many financial programs focus on strategies to get you earning more money or ways to get yourself out of debt. The problem is that without addressing the psychological and emotional factors which contributed to financial distress, there's a high chance you'll find yourself back in the same situation. 

The reason being you need to address why you got yourself in that situation in the first place

In the Ultimate Money Makeover we focus on how you:


The focus is on you, not money! Money simply responds to our perception of it. 

Why do we do this? 

Because so many people have distorted views about money. They've been conditioned in their early years to have particular attitudes towards money. 

Maybe these came from your parents or society. Often these are subconscious and unnoticeable, but they affect your actions, every day!

For instance, maybe you believe one or more of the following statements:

"Money doesn't grow on trees"
"Making money is hard work"
"Money is to be spent, not saved"
"Money will make you a bad person"
"Our family has always been poor"
"Money is evil and brings out the worst in people"
"I never had anyone to show me how to be good with my money"
"Nothing will ever change for my situation"
That's okay if you have these beliefs, in fact I'm betting most people hold set beliefs around money. 

The good news is these beliefs can be changed to positive beliefs about money - becoming free of these beliefs is much easier than you think, you just need someone to show you how to let them go so they no longer rule your life.

Free Your Finances - 3 Levels to Choose From


The complete basics to the program, including how to address the emotional components contributing to your financial situation. This is mandatory viewing if you are new to the Ultimate Money Makeover. You'll discover how to transform your mindset and change the relationship you have with money. Here you will learn how to change the way you regard money and create new healthy habits. You will understand how to change the programming in your mind and adopt a new way of thinking about money.


Includes the complete Foundational Level
Advanced strategies to help you organise your finances and set up the systems and structures for better financial management and cashflow. Plus, you'll learn how to tackle any resistance to doing so. An essential component to generating more money and enjoying sustainable financial freedom. 


Includes the complete Foundational and Premium Levels
This is where you will see your results accelerate! Working one-on-one with Pam in private coaching sessions to work through your money programming. Customised coaching using Pam's PEP process to shed limiting beliefs, transform your money story and positively impact your financial situation and earning potential.

The Foundational Level

This is the vital groundwork of the program and compulsory study if you are new to the Ultimate Money Makeover. 

This program is designed to affect you on an emotional level - this is very deep and rewarding work. With a strong understanding of why you act the way you do, you will be able to reverse your situation and become empowered again. 

>> You will learn how to journey back into your past to uncover the root cause of your current financial situation - what happened to you, what do you believe, what were you told with regards to money that shaped your current beliefs, thoughts and attitudes towards money. 

>> You will pinpoint the psychological and emotional aspects to your issue which have seen you behaving in the same unconscious ways, despite trying so many different things to get yourself 'on track'. 

>> You will discover how to rewire your mindset for permanent results, change your relationship with money, and the story you hold in your mind about your finances. 

>> You will release lifelong programming which has contributed to your stressful money situation. 

Considered the incredibly powerful and transformative groundwork of the entire program, the Foundational level is your first step to accessing financial freedom.

 Program Details

  • Essential Viewing: If you are new to the Ultimate Money Makeover or have not completed this module before. 
  • ​Pre-requisite for the Premium and Elite levels
  • ​8 x Video Lessons: Delivered via a secure, member based online portal to reverse old money programming.
  • Worksheets: Practical exercises to be completed at your own pace to assist you to uncover the root cause of your financial problems.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace: Work at the modules at a time that is convenient for you and at a pace that best supports your learning.

The Premium Level

You've done the groundwork, uncovered your root causes, changed your money story and released lifelong money programming. 

Now, we up the ante and take the next step to improving your financial situation. Here you will learn the systems and processes to take back control of your money situation  (no matter how many debts you have or irrespective of your bank balance).

The Premium Level includes the complete Foundational Level in the package price.

>> You will learn how to structure and organise your money in simple and easy to follow steps. This includes understanding where your money comes from and where it flows.  

>> You will look at cashflow, bank accounts, budgeting, saving & spending, and taxes, and all of those tasks you have been putting off because, quite frankly, they are scary, boring or not for the faint-hearted.

>>You will be guided through practical strategies to getting you responsible, accountable and in charge of your finances - for good! No more head in the sand, sweep it under the carpet type moments.

>> You will take an empowered approach to the way you treat and manage your money, now and into the future! 

>> You will understand how to swiftly deal with any resistance that emerges as you navigate through the program and beyond! Think of this as your hand being held as you navigate towards being 100% financially responsible. These tools work like 'magic' to get you back in the right mindset. 

The Premium level is your ticket to ongoing wealth creation, increased faith and trust, and a radical transformation of your financial situation. 

 Program Details

  • ​Upping the Ante: We take all of the valuable information you learned in the Foundational level and focus on managing and organising your money in an accountable, supported manner.
  • Includes Complete Access to the Foundational and Premium levels: Packaged together in the program price to help you save even more money $$.
  • ​8 x Online Video Coaching Sessions (approx. 16 hours of viewing time): Delivered via a secure, member based online portal to guide you towards money management mastery and eliminate the resistance in doing so.
  • Worksheets: Practical exercises to be completed at your own pace to assist you to organise and track your money, and build wealth.
  • ​Bonus Materials (Over 5 hours of extra video content): To extend your knowledge and provide additional opportunity to clear up any money blocks.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace: This program is designed to affect you on an emotional level - this is very deep and rewarding work. With a strong understanding of why you act the way you do, you will be able to reverse your situation and become empowered. Video modules are structured to be viewed at your own pace. 
  • Private Facebook Group: For accountability, encouragement, celebration of successes, and an opportunity to have your questions answered by Pam Wright.

The Elite Level

The Elite Level is the epitome of a financial makeover and represents the best value for money.  You have the opportunity to work with Pam directly to fast-track your results - by going further than you have ever gone before. 

This level includes the Foundational and Premium levels in the program price.

In these sessions, with Pam as your guide and facilitator, you will take your investigative skills to a new level to seek and destroy life-long programming and conditioning around money, in order to fast-track your results and accelerate your progress. 

Consider this a "short-cut to your success."

Here you will have complete access to the Foundational and Premium levels, plus direct, one-on-one access to private coaching sessions with Pam Wright in order to deepen and accelerate your results. The program is tailored and customised to your unique circumstances. 

>> Pam will work with you in 2 x 2 hour private consultations offered via Skype, Phone or Messenger to reverse ALL money programming and conditioning which is holding you back from attracting, earning and enjoying money.

>> Using a variety of advanced techniques from her PEP (Personal Empowerment Process) based on over 20 years' of personal experience, training and study, Pam will work with you one-on-one in private sessions and guide you on how to best transform your entire money situation. 

The Elite level is a complete, deep makeover of your entire financial situation tailored and customised to your unique situation, coupled with an emphasis on reassurance, accountability and personalised support. 

 Program Details

  • Includes Complete Access to the Foundational and Premium levels: Packaged together in the program price to help you save even more money $$.
  • ​​8 x Online Video Coaching Sessions (approx. 16 hours of viewing time): Delivered via a secure, member based online portal to guide you towards money management mastery and eliminate the resistance in doing so.
  • ​Private Facebook group: To support and encourage you, answer your questions, provide a safe space for you while you learn, and to celebrate your achievements and successes. 
  • Bonus Materials (Over 5 hours of extra video content): To extend your knowledge and provide additional opportunity to clear up any money blocks.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace: Program lessons are structured to allow ample time for learning and application to your life - this is a practical, hands on program where you get to practice what you have learned.
  • 2 x 2 hr Private Consultations with Pam: Offered at a fraction of the normal session rate to work privately with Pam (normally $275 per hour) to deepen and accelerate your results further than you have ever experienced before. 

Testimonials from Past Graduates

"I feel more relaxed about money because I have begun to see my own worthiness and ability to create money!"

The Ultimate Money Makeover is what I call a 'doorway to the zone of possibilities'. It opened my heart and mind and shifted my focus from problems to possibilities. I feel more relaxed about money because I have begun to see my own worthiness and ability to create money. 

"Money and I are best friends!"

I respect money and I don’t see lack anymore. I come from a place of abundance and enjoy what I have, knowing full well that more is on its way. 

I have my stashes everywhere, and I am constantly aware that I have what I have and that I mange it better, so I am not locked into credit card debt anymore. I can live for today and not worry about tomorrow.  

"Now I can support myself financially!"

 I love money now and I don’t worry so much about charging people for my services. I am managing money better now and I am more aware of where it is and what is happening with it. I am attracting more clients too.

"I am at peace regardless of the amount in my bank account!"

I now love and so appreciate the money that comes my way in the form of gifts. My life is now easy and effortless. I love how confident and content I feel with myself, with my partner, and friends. I am running with a more uplifting energy now. I love having an abundance of love for me, all of £130,000 worth - it feels so warm and loving.  

"My confidence & belief in myself & money has improved exponentially!"

I literally increased by income after the second week itself. My confidence and belief in myself and money has improved exponentially. It has really helped me have a better relationship not with just money but with myself and how I deal with situations. 

"I have come to appreciate money & realised it needs to be respected!"

The great thing about learning the Ultimate Money Makeover was the skills I can use over and over in my lifetime and tweak as my income and expenses fluctuate. I have learned to be kinder to myself and not give myself a hard time. 

"Nowadays I believe there will always be enough!"

I have now realised that money is an energy that needs to flow. Nowadays I believe there will always be enough. I will always be okay. I am more relaxed around money. I no longer worry about it. I’m okay with a bit of short-term debt. 

"I respect and love money & it respects and loves me!"

I learned systems that help me handle my money and the shift in mindset and tools to change beliefs. I discovered that it was never about the money, but within me and my limiting beliefs. I respect and love money and it respects and loves me. 

"More money is showing up!"

My relationship to money is much better now and I am open to new things. Well, more money is showing up. I now have 3 house sits this year, 2 weeks in the Hunter Valley, 2 weeks in New Zealand and four weeks in Port Macquarie and this is all occurring in the first half of the year! What will the second half bring?!

"I feel more empowered about money!"

I love being paid each fortnight and knowing that I am a good steward of my money. My husband and I no longer fight over money. We communicate about it calmly and brainstorm about our future and what we want to achieve. It has been a total overhaul in terms of how we spend. We now consider whether we actually need a purchase and what value it will add to our lives.


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Foundational level)

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 Premium levels)

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