Testimonials from past graduates

"I feel more relaxed about money because I have begun to see my own worthiness and ability to create money"

The Ultimate Money Makeover is what I call a doorway to the zone of possibilities. It opened my heart and mind and shifted my focus from problems to possibilities. 

During the journey, it brought to my awareness so many of my hidden beliefs and fears around money and my relationship with money. I had been operating from a ‘lack’ mindset, which was very disempowering and suffocating. Today, I feel so much more empowered and focus on opportunities and ‘creating money’.
I learnt that a lot of financial stress comes from not just ‘not having enough money’ but not knowing how to manage and having a vision for creating more money.
In the course, I learnt valuable financial management skills and prioritizing. Now I prioritise spending on myself! I learnt that making budgets, managing finances is not one-time thing and one has to keep doing it regularly. 

Pam Wright is a compassionate and skilled facilitator who creates a safe space for all the participants to get in touch with their deepest fears and emotions, in order to bring them to the surface and release them. Her sharing of her own challenges and experiences encouraged us to open up and be more authentic. 

This course was joined by 11 participants from different parts of the world and it was amazing to see how much we had in common - we supported, encouraged and learnt from each other.  

Creating a loving relationship with money is not a one-time thing, it requires continuous effort, like any other relationship. This course helped me make a beginning and gave me the tools, the practice and raised my awareness. The tools I learnt through this course have become part of my routine practice.

I feel more relaxed about money because I have begun to see my own worthiness and ability to create money.

My heartfelt gratitude to Pam Wright for creating this program.

Chandni, India

"Now I can support myself financially"

Before I began the Ultimate Money Makeover program, money meant scarcity and I had doubts that I could support myself financially. After the Ultimate Money Makeover, doing the tapping and having sessions on myself, I now believe I can support myself financially. 

Before the program I was good at managing money and was careful with money but I had handed the responsibility of our finances to my husband many years ago. I always felt guilty when I had to ask for money that was owed to me by clients or other people. Also, I didn’t feel I was in control of my finances because we had joint accounts and a business where all the money went. I had none that was mine.  

I have worked on my money issues before, but had never been able to stick to what I was learning because I was doing it on my own. I have now hired a business coach. 

This program included the system as well as practical applications for keeping track of finances. What I like best was the action steps and accountability. I realised it was important to watch every cent. 

I love money now and I don’t worry so much about charging people for my services. I am managing money better and I am more aware of where it is and what is happening with it. I am attracting more clients too! 

Di, South Australia

"Money and I are best friends"

My emotional relationship with money was one of demand and distrust. I demanded that I should have lots of it, but I distrusted the motive of having it. Always thinking that I would have false friends, it wouldn't last and poverty became my problem. 

My management of money was bad, I mean real bad. Easy come, easy go, or easier go than ever came. Money was there to be spent and not paid attention too. Not having a bank account, always living on credit and waiting for someone to get me out of the hole. I was always concerned about money, constantly worrying about it, which took me out of being in the now and constantly keeping me on the back foot. I was not able to move forward and always questioned my future.

The program helped me remove the blockages I had around money and the processes gave me freedom to stop worrying about money issues and to move forward. The action steps helped me formulate a plan of action and gave me something to work with to see what my compulsive spending and abuse of money was triggered by. When a trigger came up I addressed it and stuck to the 'plan'.
Money and I are best friends now. I respect money and I don’t see lack anymore. I come from a place of abundance and enjoy what I have, knowing full well that more is on its way. I have my stashes everywhere, and I am constantly aware that I have what I have and that I manage it better, so I am not locked into credit card debt anymore. And, that I can live for today and not worry about tomorrow.

I have the ability to afford the things I want to do. But first I make sure that it is the right thing and not just a whim . There is no stress or worry, my relationship is easier, my partner sees that I am not wasteful and I only buy what I can afford.  I can now say 'yes' to more luncheons, dinners and taking trips with friends.

Gayle, Port Macquarie

"I am at peace regardless of the amount in my bank account"

Hearing the word money put me into stress-mode big time! My head was in the sand. I did not want to look at it or talk about it . This made life very difficult in my head. I was hoping others would see the stress I was under and come to my rescue as the money was running out, but I had to have a complete meltdown before I got assistance. 

The accountability of the program forced me into taking action which was what I needed, and I am so grateful for it now. I went from being in super pain to gain.  

The most important thing I learnt was, "it is safe to trust and believe in others and myself." Before this program, for me that would have been unheard of. The greatest gain I have had is I am at peace with myself regardless of the amount in my bank account. I now love and so appreciate the money that comes my way in the form of gifts. 

Throughout my whole life when I did not receive love and affection from others I always felt cold and empty within. After all the tapping and healing I now can say, "I AM NOW THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND I CAN SUPPORT MYSELF WITH MY OWN LOVE AND APPRECIATION FOR ME" and it is a bonus if others love me too!! 

My life is now easy and effortless. I love how confident and content I feel with myself, with my partner, and friends. I am running with a more uplifting energy now. I love having an abundance of love for me, all of £130,000 worth -  it feels so warm and loving. I will always be eternally grateful for this wonderful gift of healing you so generously gave to me Pam. 

Katrina, Ireland

"My confidence & belief in myself & money has improved exponentially"

My relationship with money has always been one of fear with a sense of anxiety. I believed that money would come to me in the future and never in the present moment. 

Before Pam’s program I was very frugal with money, and always saving, saving, saving only. Never appreciating or enjoying it. For me this has had a huge impact because I literally increased my income after the second week of the program. 

My confidence and belief in myself and money has improved exponentially. It has really helped me have a better relationship, not with just money, but with myself and how I deal with situations. I feel inspired and motivated, having been able to deal with most of my money issues. I use the same practices for every other aspect of my life.

Garima, India

"I respect and love money & it respects and loves me"

My relationship with money was full of frustration, sadness, feelings of lack and unworthiness. I didn’t manage at all. I had no systems in place other than to borrow money in a crisis and never pay it back because it was usually off my parents who never expected it back. It made me feel useless and ashamed and I never got to move forward and so repeated the same patterns over and over again. I had tried various YouTube tapping videos, visits to psychics, affirmations, praying and wishing. 

From having completed the Ultimate Money Makeover, I learned the systems that help me handle my money and the shift in mindset and tools to change beliefs. I discovered that it was never about the money, but within me and my limiting beliefs. I respect and love money and it respects and loves me. 

With the systems in place and the tools to release negative attachment my money situation is much better. I love checking in on my finances each week and seeing everything in place, the security that it provides, and the stability for creating and continuing a better mindset. There is a lot more ease and flow in the workplace and home. 

Margie, Western Australia

"Nowadays I believe there will always be enough"

My previous beliefs were that money is scarce and the old age pension is impossible to live on. I had feelings of scarcity and never having enough. I couldn't buy presents for my grandchildren, wouldn’t use air-con in car or in the house in case it used too much fuel/electricity, and I wouldn’t use my car too often for the same reason.

I have now realised that money is an energy that needs to flow. Nowadays I believe there will always be enough. I will always be okay. I am more relaxed around money. I no longer worry about it. I’m okay with a bit of short-term debt. 

Now I have a plan that makes managing money easier. I’m less stressed, I’m able to move ahead on a project that I was previously procrastinating about.

Wendy, Queensland

"I have come to appreciate money more & realised it is something that needs to be treated with respect"

Before this program I never really liked thinking of money and didn't have much time for it, except to freak out when I didn't have enough.

Through the online group coaching sessions and my own work I have come to appreciate money more and realise it is something that needs to be treated with more respect than I was giving it. I found the budget and money plan to be very helpful to see where my money was going because before it was just slipping through my fingers. I got myself into a bit of debt but while undergoing the program I have started getting my debts paid off and under control.

The great thing about learning the money program were the skillsl I can use over and over in my lifetime and tweak as my income and expenses fluctuate. I also learnt in this program, that I am trying my best to do, is to let the Universe to do its job. After I have made my request, stop trying to interfere and find solutions, as the Universe is much more wiser than me.

I also have learned to be kinder to myself and not give myself a hard time. 

Natalie, Hervey Bay

"I feel more empowered about money "

My emotional relationship with money was one of avoidance. I couldn’t even open up my bank account for the panic and fear it would instill in me! I was in denial and lived from pay check to pay check, never conceiving of having savings let alone a system for automatising beyond periodic payments for some of my bills. 

Before undertaking the Ultimate Money Makeover my situation consisted of paying the immediate bills, always leaving myself last or even out of the equation entirely! I lived week to week and took risks with our money in the hope that something would pay off! I couldn’t see the programs that were impacting my relationship with money and how this spilled over into my relationships with my husband and family. My life was very contracted and limited in a sense that I was blind to what is possible and also to what I was doing. I didn’t know how to be financially literate so this was really limiting not to mention exhausting as it seemed that no matter how hard I worked or how many hours I put in, there was never enough money to go around. 

I have done some work around money issues before, but no course has ever had the practical component that this one has alongside the emotional components. I believe that it is the combination of working on the underlying emotional programs that drive my money consciousness, coupled with the system that Pam helps you to put in place that gave me the confidence to move past my programming.

Implementing the steps was surprisingly easy. I am calm in my approach, knowing that I will be checking in on my finances fortnightly before I get paid and have a plan for the future that is unfolding. I feel more empowered about money. I love being paid each fortnight and knowing that I am a good steward of my money. My husband and I no longer fight over money. We communicate about it calmly and brainstorm about our future and what we want to achieve. 

My management of money is not perfect by any means, but I am no longer afraid to check my bank statements and I know my numbers! I check on bills and make sure that I am not paying too much for things. When I realise that I am avoiding something, I use the skills taught in the program to release and let go of the avoidance and come to a clear mindset from which to act from. It has been a total overhaul in terms of how we spend. We now consider whether we actually need a purchase and what value it will add to our lives. 

I am now looking to the future with a whole new mindset and learning things I never felt were possible before. 

Steph, Victoria

"More money is showing up!"

I had tried many money type programs before and they didn’t stick. The Ultimate Money Makeover taught me the steps to take to manage my money now and into the future. Plus, it helped we deal with the resistance around doing this. 

I noticed the moment I started managing the money better, I felt more at ease with money and more ‘things’ seemed to show up. For instance, I had been wanting to go back to the Hunter Valley to visit some more vineyards (stayed there last year). I mentioned it to a friend who got very excited as she lives in the Hunter Valley and is going on a cruise. She offered me her house (with pool) for two weeks in return for feeding her parrots and her dog. 

My relationship to money is much better now and I am open to new things. More money is showing up. I now have 3 house sits this year - two weeks in the Hunter Valley, two weeks in New Zealand, and four weeks in Port Macquarie, and this is all occurring in the first half of the year! What will the second half bring?!

Money loves structure not chaos. I've heard it, read it, but didn’t believe it – as I thought what I needed was more money. But in fact the structure sets me free and more seems to arrive because of this (not always in monetary form – just more).

Susan, Sydney

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